Yoram Kalev


“Seeing my clients transforming and reaching their goals gives me personal satisfaction, knowing that I have improved their quality of life and instilled in them a stronger and more positive mindset,” says Yoram Kalev who believes that every individual needs to have a good foundation.

To build a foundation you need knowledge, time, experience and passion for what you do.
Having said that, Yoram has also been a bodybuilder for more than 30 years, and is an experienced competitor at Regional, National & International levels.


Yoram’s qualifications include: a Certificate IV in Personal Training, Human Nutrition, Advanced First Aid/CPR and a total of 22 years’ experience as a personal trainer.

“My victories have given me an even greater hunger for improvement and success. I used my losses for empowerment and motivation, and as an important life’s lesson in humility, and improved respect for my profession,” Yorma says. “Achieve your goals and make the best version of you!”


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