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Incredibly, it has been 34 years since I walked through the doors of this iconic institution as a shy and impressionable 15-year-old. Admittedly I was overwhelmed, but equally exhilarated.

I promised myself that one day I would be at the helm. Dreams do come true!

The mesmerising atmosphere that reeled me in all those years ago still permeates to this day.

My early years as a staff member under the tutelage of founder Billy Moore, and subsequent tenure as a personal trainer for over 30 years, afforded me the insight and hands-on experience of what it would take to create the amazing product that we have today.

The recent unveiling of the newly refurbished gym has been met with enthusiastic praise and
an across-the-board seal of approval.

My business partner Andy Mamasioulas and I are so incredibly proud of the finished product.

My emotions stir when I look back at my personal journey from naïve teenager, to a co-owner of a global fitness institution.

My close relationship with the LGBTQI community and Sydney Mardi Gras has been fostered by the all-inclusive ethos established back in the ’70s.

This ethos remains as strong as ever today. City Gym will always be a community hub; a safe & happy place.

I warmly welcome you all to my home!

Billy Kokkinis



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We’ve recently re-opened the doors after renovating 3 levels of luxury. Come give the new CITY GYM a try and enjoy

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Now serving Sydney’s favourite coffee “All Press”. Plus Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Eat-In or Takeaway. If you’re after a shake, snack or healthy meal, we have your taste buds and calorie counts covered.


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I remember my first day at City Gym like it was yesterday, I had never trained properly before, I was scared, intimidated by what I thought city gym was like…it”s reputation preceded it, and i just thought that i was punching above my weight…literally!!! I learnt fast that it was the most non-judgmental environment, it was welcoming, encouraging, supportive. I met inspirational people…and lots of them!!! Trainers, members and amazing staff… people from all walks of life. familiar faces and smiles that I see every day, my gym family that i’ve gotten to know, and love.

Australian Fashion Designer
Alex Perry

“I have only been a member of City Gym for about six months, but I absolutely love it. Unlike some gyms, it attracts an incredibly welcoming, warm and diverse crowd of people. Those who go to City Gym are there to achieve their goals and that energy can be felt across three floors! The equipment is state-of-the-art - I’ve never seen so many machines dedicated to legs! The fabulous staff are super friendly and supportive - I couldn’t ask for a more motivating environment to work out in!”

ABC Reporter
Mark Reddie

“The gym has great equipment, a really cool boxing floor, convenient opening hours and the overall refurbishment is amazing. What sets City Gym apart from other places is the awesome crew of staff, personal trainers, instructors, and of course the expertise of the directors Billy and Andy at the helm.  That’s where the difference lies”

Mark Bouris

"City gym and its owner Billy Kokkinis gave me strength; literally and figuratively.    I started at the gym some years back when I was working on Dancing with the Stars, and needed to improve my stamina and flexibility. I recently returned as I needed to step up my training and help with my knee issues. I am now learning the art of trapeze for a theatre show called Pippin. Billy has been pushing me to become stronger and fitter for the role- with great success!  The all new City Gym under Billy’s expertise is now at its very best.   What I love most is the community history . It's what makes City Gym unique"

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

"Ive trained in top gyms all over the world but City Gym beats them hands down as a world class facility. City Gyms’s phenomenal vibe amazing community and committed trainers make it rival the best gyms in the world. I first started training with Billy at city gym to get my body ready for the rigorous task of competing on Dancing With The Stars. I was able to compete every week injury-free and progress all the way to the Grand Final. Billy developed my strength and conditioning, as well as my mental toughness. He understood my psychology and helped me achieve obtainable long-lasting goals. City Gym is an elite training facility without intimidation. The culture is supportive and the vibe is awesome"

Tamara Jaber


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