Elevate your physical prowess and unlock your maximum potential under the guidance of our world-renowned fitness coaches. 

Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to helping you shed excess weight, sculpt a robust physique, enhance your endurance, or attain lean muscle gains. At City Gym, our coaches are not merely fitness instructors; they are transformational leaders in your journey to peak physical performance.

Andreas Lundin

Basil Nassis

Ben Halpin

Campbell Bannerman

Christine Betros

David Driscoll

Dennis Zimmerman

Dominic Fukuhara

Glen Ryan

James Edson

James Stillone

Jes Murphy

Joe Kavangh

Ken Karikas

Lap Win

Loretta Schokman

Maria Andriano

Ming Sun

Paul Haslam

Rawdon Dubois

Sarhys Page

Simon Di Natale

Stefan Ianev

Steve Curran