Maria Andriano

“I provide a professional and intuitive approach to coaching by setting achievable goals, with regular results’ monitoring, progress planning and accountability, including lifestyle advice,” says Maria who has created a platform coaching business to help others and to share her knowledge.

Maria’s host of qualifications include Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Nature’s Care Certification in Nutrition, Poliquin BioSignature certifications, Poliquin Strength Sensei Bio-Print Seminar for Innovations in Body Composition, Dave Palumbo’s “The Secrets to Becoming a Diet Guru”, and an Milos Sarcev IFBB Pro Hypertrophy Internship.

Maria is a successful elite bodybuilder with wins in INBA, ANB and IFBB competition. She is a career elite athlete with multiple championship wins at state and national level in Netball. Her elite sports’ background and years of personal training experience, gives Maria the edge in creating personalised training, nutrition and sports’ specific programmes.