Designed to motivate and get results, our group fitness classes run every day of the week with industry-leading instructors. We have over 11 categories on offer including Boxing, HIIT, Dancefit, Pilates and Yoga.

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Dancefit is a fun workout of music and dance moves, combining cardio and interval training.

Each class is different, incorporating diverse dance styles and music genres such as Latin, Modern and Hip Hop. You will increase your heart rate, improve your endurance & cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and get super fit all at the same time! All welcome!

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HIIT is a high calorie-burning workout involving groups of exercises performed in rapid succession for at least 30 seconds with short rest periods. Through interval training, this whole-body workout is aimed to get your heart rate up in bursts, so you will be burning even more calories throughout

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All levels welcome for a hard boxing workout. Pad work with basic boxing combinations, body weight exercises and plenty of burpees! A great way to burn fat, increase cardiovascular fitness, improve core stability, and relieve stress.

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An advanced boxing class requiring participants to wear 16oz gloves and mandatory mouth guard. Lots of partner drills, technical sparring, and conditioning. This is where champions are made!

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Fitbox is a no-contact, fitness focused boxing class that caters from complete beginners to the experienced. If getting fit fast and having a great time is your goal, then Fitbox is for you!

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For those wanting to improve their boxing technique; this is the class for you! You’ll be practising your bag and pad work, focusing on your boxing combinations, and general skills. Excellent for hand-eye coordination, fitness and stress relief.  All levels welcome!

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Be prepared to feel the burn through weightlifting barbells, kettle bells and bodyweight exercises. Adjust the weights to suit your level of strength and fitness. All levels of fitness welcome!

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Yoldies is a Yoga class designed for seniors. Yoldies will assist in increasing muscle tone, balance, strength, mood, along with all the other benefits of traditional Yoga. Even seniors with limited mobility can still do Yoga through the adaptive practices of Yoldies.


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Pilates is an exercise method for all ages and fitness levels. The concept of Pilates is strengthening the central muscle groups of the abdomen, back and pelvis. All ages and levels welcome!

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Comprising a series of compound movements involving barbells, weights, bands with the use of mats; designed to reshape and engage your glutes, quads, hamstrings and core.  The class focuses on correct technique & execution, glute activation, hip mobilisation and flexibility. Suitable for all ability levels. 

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Pushed for time? Then this class is for you! It is a super 30-minute intense resistance band workout for total fat burning, targeting glutes, quads, hamstrings and upper body. Circuit style training with short rest-periods, incorporating strength & cardio exercises. Suitable for all ability levels.

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CityFit is a full body circuit session, comprising anaerobic & aerobic exercises. 

It incorporates the use of kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, rowers, and a lot more!  

If you want to build your cardiovascular fitness and overall strength, then this is the class for you! The class is designed for all ages and fitness levels.  

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Live Strong is a gentle resistance training program that aims to improve strength and general well-being for older adults or rehabilitation participants. It has been designed to improve overall fitness with an emphasis on improving muscle strength, balance, coordination, and mobility.


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