James Edson

James has over a decade of experience as a qualified Personal Trainer, specialising in helping people to move pain free, build muscle, drop body fat and transform their body in a healthy and sustainable way.

His qualifications and professional development include; Premier: Diploma in Health & Fitness, Diploma in Personal Training. Resistance Training Specialist: Level 1. Vision PT: Advanced Nutrition, Advanced Lifting Technique, Master Trainer Certification. CHFI: Performance Nutrition Level 1, Fat Loss Fundamentals, Reverse Dieting. Mark Coles/M10: Practical Training Weekend, Body Transformations. PT Project: 6 Week Biomechanics Mentorship. Muscle Nerds: Foundation Nutrition. Cybex: Cable Training, Olympic Lifting. He’s also completed many hours of online learning with companies such as PT Professor, Muscle Mentors, Vision PT and RTS. James is committed to his education which along with his experience helps him to get results for his clients quickly and effectively.